Solana Native Wallet Solflare Teams With FTX To Offer Automated Token Swaps

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Solana wallet FTX integration

Solana’s native crypto wallet integration with and FTX US attempts to bridge the functionalities of Web2 and Web3 for the benefit of its users. The Solflare web extension and mobile app will not only make access to funds held in FTX exchange accounts easier, but actually combine centralized finance (CeFi) and decentralized finance (DeFi) within a single app.

Following is more details about the integration published by Motley Fool Canada:

Solflare integrates FTX to let users manage Solana CeFi and DeFi accounts

Leading high-performance blockchain Solana’s (CRYPTO:SOL) native wallet Solflare recently announced an integration with popular crypto derivatives exchange FTX.

Under this development, the Solfare wallet will be integrated with and FTX U.S. As a result, Solfare users can manage or transfer their custodial and non-custodial FTX funds directly through web extensions and/or mobile wallets.

FTX is by far one of the most popular platforms for decentralized finance (DeFi) transactions. This integration is expected to pave the way for new regulatory-compliant web3 opportunities, according to Solana co-founder Filip Dragoslavic.

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