ShineMine Uses Staking Model For Carbon Neutral BTC, BCH, Litecoin, Doge, Monero Crypto Mining

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Cryptocurrency Mining with Staking Model

ShineMine, located in the British Virgin Islands, offers profit sharing via hands-free mining of whichever coin is offering the best real-time returns. Just buy ShineMine Tokens, when available, and receive rewards in Binance BNB coins.

ShineMine’s whitepaper describes their actual hardware mining operations as carbon neutral. The mining is contracted with Renew Industries, Inc. on a 22 acre site in Louisiana.

Although a solar power buildout is mentioned in the whitepaper, carbon neutrality is not scheduled until Phase 3 of the Roadmap (no date projections provided).

Potential red flags arising from whitepaper due diligence include lack of detail in ShineMine’s carbon neutrality plan and the partnership with Renew Industries. 

Carbon neutrality does not necessarily mean 100% use of renewable energy, with reliance on carbon credits not defined in the whitepaper. This is a potential regulation concern in view of the latest SEC disclosure requirements proposal.

A Google search for Renew Industries Inc. returns entries for businesses in Cody, Wyoming, Parker, Colorado and Las Vegas, Nevada. No Renew Industries website matching the mining operations business description can be found.

cryptocurrency mining
Cryptocurrency mining. Image credit: Victorumeche

Crypto Mining Staking Model

ShineMine (SHINE) is a tokenized crypto mining operation that allows anyone to reap the profits of crypto mining at any price point regardless of their knowledge or experience with crypto. 

The crypto market is here to stay, positioned to be the economy of tomorrow. While investors speculate on various asset values and use-cases, one of the more apparent opportunities comes from powering the blockchain itself. This is done by providing computing power through mining to validate transactions in exchange for earning rewards. 

“Everyone deserves access to mining and the opportunity that it presents. A return to mining decentralization is what we bring to the table.” – Noah Newman, Project Lead 

Cryptocurrency mining was once dominated by individuals and their home computers but is now led by small groups of large-scale corporations, drawn by the high-profit potential. Mining cryptocurrency now requires hardware that is expensive, loud, requires a lot of energy, and generates a significant amount of heat.

A typical mining rig that is used to mine cryptocurrency can alone cost tens of thousands of dollars. And if someone does not have the space in their home to run the rig, deal with the noise, pay the increased electrical costs, and possess the technical knowledge for ongoing maintenance and upkeep, they would then need to find a suitable hosting facility.

The hosting facility would need to have vacancies for their rig, the rig would need to be shipped to that facility, and the owner of the rig would need to pay monthly costs for space, maintenance, and energy consumption. 

Easy Entry Crypto Mining

ShineMine breaks down these barriers and allows anyone to get involved with crypto mining. All someone needs to do is hold SHINE tokens to participate. Once SHINE tokens are purchased, the benefits of crypto mining begin, without the drawbacks. 

ShineMine is powered by real-world assets including mining rigs, land, energy contracts, and hosting centers. ShineMine’s mining operation will also be carbon-neutral. The profits that are generated from ShineMine are owned by SHINE token holders. SHINE holders receive rewards paid in the cryptocurrency BNB every week. In this way, ShineMine is mining as a service (MaaS), where investors receive digital tokens that secure their share of a self-sustaining mining operation. In addition to physical hardware mining, ShineMine diversifies into liquidity mining. The operation is entirely managed by a team of experts whose job is to optimize its profitability and scalability. ShineMine’s activities are public, transparent, and its code is open source, allowing anyone to see how tokens are allocated and how the smart contracts are written. 

“We felt it important to have a public team to deliver a level of transparency and trust that distinguishes us from other DeFi applications.” – Adam Enamorado, Operations Lead 

ShineMine held a closed presale where it raised over $250,000 and launched on its first decentralized exchange March 2, 2022.

SHINE tokens are designed to provide an innovative path to long-term sustainable mining profits for people looking to have a stake in the economy of tomorrow. 

View the ShineMine whitepaper.

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