Helium MNTD Hotspot Miner New Shipment In Stock June 16 2022

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get mntd Helium hotspot miner

The wait time for Helium IoT Hotspot Miners can be anywhere from weeks to several months due to ongoing global semiconductor chip supply chain backups.

And Hotspot costs typically range from $400 to over $1000. 

But, if you’re ready you can get a MNTD Hotspot miner now, for just over $400.

Here’s what you need to know before you decide to buy:

The monthly payouts for Helium miners are down right now, because of depressed overall cryptocurrency market prices. So, buying a Helium Hotspot miner now, means it may take a while to get your investment back.

If you believe the cryptocurrency market will rebound however, then any HNT you earn in the meantime has the potential to earn you a healthy profit.

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More Crypto Tokens To Mine

RAKWireless, the manufacturer of MNTD, has also promised that their Hotspot miners will soon be able to mine other cryptocurrency tokens. Not sure which other crypto tokens those will be, but it could increase the profitability of these devices. Especially considering that only a fraction of MNTD Hotspot miner 4 GB processing power is needed to mine Helium tokens. 

Who wants to double-dip with their MNTD miner?

MNTD was created by RAKwireless (RAK) with the goal of making cryptocurrency mining affordable and easy to implement for everyday people. 

RAK Hotspots were previously only available through distributors. Direct to consumer shipments of MNTD miners has made buying a Hotspot much easier, quicker and cheaper. It’s no longer business as usual. There are no pre-orders and, so far, no broken promises. 

Purchase Information

RAKWireless allows a maximum order of three Hotspots, but you’re free to purchase several times, as long as there is inventory.

  • If you buy two Hotspots you can get a 2% discount.
  • Buy three, and get a 3% discount.
  • US sales only during the current release.
  • MNTD Blackspots are currently available for $419, before discounts.
  • Purchase with credit card only: Visa, MC, Amex, Discover, Diners Club.
  • Ready for immediate shipment from California.


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