MNTD Teases Helium 5G Network Hotspot Miner Upgrade

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MNTD is a new brand of Hotspot created by RAKwireless. It was created to fill a need in the Hotspot marketplace created by huge demand and supply chain backups for Helium Hotspots.

Before MNTD, Helium Hotspot customers typically had to wait weeks and even months to get delivery of a Hotspot that would enable them to mine HNT by providing IoT network gateway nodes.

As Helium has become successful with it’s peer-to-peer incentivized IoT network it is expanding with the same incentive model to serve 5G networks

MNTD’s 5G Hotspot upgrade is promised to be compatible with 5G and Helium’s existing IoT network. That means Hotspot hosts will be able to receive Helium rewards for both $IOT and $MOBILE tokens just for setting up a MNTD unit in their home or workplace.

In addition, the 5G Hotspot will also be predesigned for compatibility with future Helium networks, including WiFi6.

According to MNTD’s announcement they are only waiting for their 5G Hotspot design to be certified for operation by the Decentralized Wireless Alliance

No date has been provided for that certification or the available of upgrade kits to current MNTD Hotspot owners.  The retail price of the upgrade kits also has not been announced.

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Following is the announcement from MNTD:

Big things are coming for MNTD. users!

MNTD. is currently working on acquiring certification, which will make us one of the first manufacturers to allow you to upgrade your existing hotspots with 5G capabilities.

Upon certification, the MNTD. 5G upgrade will be available to United States customers, as the Helium 5G service is exclusive to the US due to radio spectrum regulation.

Thanks to the ample spare computing and connectivity capabilities of MNTD. hotspots, we do expect to add more options in the future (such as supporting upcoming Helium WiFi services) for all locations where our hotspots are sold.

We first shared this big, brave idea on our official social media channels–and MNTD. hotspots have been sold out since.

How to configure Helium IoT Hotspots for 5G via YouTube Short

More information can be found at

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