Earn $22K in 6 Months Mining HNT with HeliumRent in 2022 | Is it a Scam?

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HeliumRent Opportunity

HeliumRent Offers 6 Month HNT Hotspot Rentals

The Daily Hodl just published an article about startup HeliumRent offering what they claim is an easier way to get into Helium Network Hotspot mining.

Traditionally, Hotspot Hosts buy a Helium Network Gateway device that receives HNT rewards for transferring data and verifications of other hotspots within the network. Two of the downsides to this model are the initial cost of the Gateway device, between $400 and $1000, and slow delivery times of weeks or even months.

The HeliumRent Model

In contrast to the buy-your-own model, HeliumRent offers to “rent out” HNT mining capability by charging an upfront investment between $49 and $7835, on which they will pay between 1.13% and 2.13% daily interest for a period of 180 days (not compounded). That works out to as much as a 383% ROI in 6 months.

HeliumRent investment levels

It’s not obvious how HeliumRent can pay such high returns on investment, given the relatively modest earning potential of most Helium Hotspots. Scam-Detector.com gives this business a low trust score, indicating a relatively high potential that it’s a scam.

is HeliumRent a scam?

A Closer Look At Buying Your Own

Before buying into HeliumRent’s premise that purchasing your own Mining Device is undesirable, investors should do their own research. For instance, a Panther X Device sells for $599 with immediate delivery. MNTD RAK miners sell for $399 and also ship quickly when available. MNTD miners sell out quickly every time they receive new shipments, so it’s important to get on their waiting list if you want one.

HNT earnings per mining device vary significantly, depending on location and setup. You can estimate probable earnings by searching explorer.helium.com and seeing how much other Hotspots in a given geographical location are making. Also, check out Gristle King’s excellent article to understand HNT payouts for different areas.

To compare buying your own mining device vs. taking one of HeliumRent’s options, a middle of the road Hotspot earning $200/mo in HNTs would return 200% in 6 months on a $599 Panther X investment. For a $399 MNTD RAK miner that number would be 300%. After the first 6 months, all earnings would be clear. A similar investment of $535 for HeliumRent’s Bobcat Hotspot Plan would yield 293% for every 6 month period, if the company is legitimate and is able to fulfill its marketing promise.

Please note: this information is not intended as investment advice. Please do your own research before investing in any crypto related product or service.

Below is the Daily Hodl article:

March 1, 2022 – Hong Kong, Hong Kong

HeliumRent Launches Helium Mining Hotspot Rental Service To Offer IoT Network Mining Profitability

As more people begin to explore the realm of cryptocurrency, a new, fast-growing startup is helping people mine for Helium with minimized risks. HeliumRent offers customers the ability to rent a shared hotspot – eliminating hefty startup costs for those just getting started. HeliumRent’s new service is reliable, legal and secure, offering 24/7 customer support from industry experts.

Customers who are interested in renting a Helium hotspot plan can visit HeliumRent’s website to select from one of four plans. The shared hotspot plan, priced at $49, returns 1.13% over 180 days. The Bobcat hotspot plan, at $535, increases returns to 1.63%. The Bobcat cluster plan, at $1,635, returns 1.93%. Finally, the highest tier plan – the RAK city plan – returns 2.13%.

Once a plan has been purchased, customers connect to The People’s Network, Helium’s peer-to-peer wireless network, to earn Helium. HeliumRent conducts proof-of-coverage testing on behalf of its customers, making it easier than ever before to grow profits. Earnings are credited to users each day, with the option to withdraw income in multiple currencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and USDT.

HeliumRent uses only the best, most trusted companies in the hotspot mining industry to ensure maximum profit, including Bobcat, Linxdot, RAK and others. Users can also take advantage of HeliumRent’s referral program, allowing them to earn up to seven percent of referral income by encouraging family and friends to join the network. Customers are able to remain anonymous, and standard SSL security prevents any information breaches.

Though the company has only been operating since 2021, daily signups have propelled it to become one of the fastest-growing cryptocurrency companies in the world. The entire Helium network now has nearly 600,000 active hotspots. 

About HeliumRent 

HeliumRent is a fast-growing startup that leverages blockchain technology to offer Helium mining hotspots for rent, helping customers earn cryptocurrency through a reliable and effective cloud mining provider. Customers have the opportunity to select one of three plans to mine for HNT through a global network of radio stations. Launched in 2021, HeliumRent is owned by the Association of Radio Network, which owns the largest network of TV and mobile phone masts in the world. For more information, visit the website.

Original article can be found at;//dailyhodl.com/2022/03/01/heliumrent-launches-a-new-way-to-rent-helium-mining-hotspot-to-bolster-cloud-mining-profitability/

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