Helium IoT Network Adds New Use Case Tracking Triathletes

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Helium IoT Network use case

In a recent post Amir Haleem, CEO of Nova Labs and leader of the Helium IoT Network Project responded to public criticisms of the project’s value. “Questions have come up about how the Network works, progress on the Network and what’s next, and I’d like to address these concerns directly.”

Rallying to the challenge, a group of amateur triathletes In the Czech Republic, tweeted about their use of the network to track the locations of their teammates on racing bikes. 

Slovakian Amateur Triathletes in the Czech Republic, Image via Twitter

From their amateur triathlon competition in Prostejov, Czechia the Slovakian athletes were able to know when their bike partners arrived at their handoff points.

When asked why not just use cell phones, the athletes responded that the competition took place in a woodsy area within an old military complex that did not have cellular reception. Radio frequency transmission from local Helium hotspots provided all the coverage needed.

The triathletes, working through IoT connectivity provider Heliotics expressed their pride in being able to create an easy use case for #LoRaWAN devices on the [Helium] #ThePeoplesNetwork.

More To Come From Helium’s IoT Network

According to Haleem, “we believe the best applications are yet to come and the IoT Network is just the first of many protocols our Network of Networks will support. We’ve just begun our 5G roll out, and have some exciting news in the weeks and months ahead on that front.”

About Heliotics

Find out more about Helium IoT Partner Heliotics at https://heliotics.com

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