San Jose California Helium Network Hotspots Funding Internet Access For Low-Income Households in 2022

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In this week’s IoT For All Podcast, Ryan Chacon interviews Jacob Swinn, Helium’s Product Marketing Manager. The episode covers some basic information about how Helium works, but it also delves into Helium’s partnership with the city of San Jose, California and how they’re deploying Helium Hotspots and using the HNT revenue to help disadvantaged households get internet access:



IoT For All Talks Helium

Ryan Chacon is joined by the Product Marketing Manager at Helium, Jacob Swinn. Ryan and Jacob begin by introducing Helium and their goals and objectives, along with the use cases of their hotspots that provide decentralized IoT connectivity. Jacob talks about the partnership with the city of San Jose and Helium and how the city will use their connectivity to generate greater revenue. He also talks about how companies can access the Helium network and how it stacks up against cellular connectivity. The podcast concludes with discussions of challenges in the IoT space and what we can look forward to from Helium in 2022.


About Jacob Swinn

Jacob Swinn handles Brand and Product Marketing, Partnerships, & Strategic Communications at Helium, focusing on helping businesses and people make a positive impact on the world. Jacob was an English teacher and swim coach before acquiring his MBA at the University of Oregon and working at Helium. He also maintains experience in tech startups and professional international sports.


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