Helium plus WeatherXM use Blockchain to Rain Crypto in 2022

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Helium WeatherXM partnership

Nova Labs’ Helium and WeatherXM are partnering to provide remote hyperlocal weather data. And like Helium, WeatherXM uses a burn and mint crypto incentive model.

Hosts who purchase WeatherXM compatible monitoring stations are rewarded with WXM ERC20 crypto tokens for providing temperature, humidity, pressure, solar radiation, wind speed and direction, and precipitation data. Customers use data credits to buy weather data. Data credits are created by burning WXM, which reduces supply of the token, supporting burn and mint equilibrium.

Additional information about Helium and WeatherXM’s partnership was recently posted by securities .io, excerpted as follows:

Helium network

WeatherXM teams up with Helium

The most recent development, reported on June 29th, is the arrival of WeatherXM to the Helium ecosystem. WeatherXM is a Greece-based company that is now incentivizing users to deploy Helium-compatible weather stations and provide accurate, hyperlocal weather data.

WeatherXM can use those stations to collect the data, process it, and make it universally accessible. In doing so, it can create impactful changes for a number of industries that depend on being able to predict short-term weather conditions accurately, such as agriculture.

And, best of all, thanks to IoT devices and Helium’s ability to turn nodes into Hotspots, these weather readings can now come even from areas that were previously inaccessible. WeatherXM already shipped the first batch of over 1,000 WiFi weather stations to users around the world. However, due to the spiking demand, the company is currently in the process of manufacturing more of them. Plus, it is also trying to improve the new version of the weather stations by expanding their range.

The devices will have a direct link to Helium, which will make them even easier to deploy, and Helium will be able to harness the data that they are collecting faster.

Why did WeatherXM partner with Helium?

As for WeatherXM, it noted that it selected Helium for multiple reasons, such as the shared passion for building decentralized networks and special infrastructure owned by the community. Other reasons that the company listed is the rapidly-growing worldwide coverage, low cost of data transmission, the ability to reach places where cellular coverage is poor, or even completely non-existent, and alike.

Manolis Nikiforakis, the CEO of WeatherXM, noted that the Helium network enables WeatherXM’s stations to be deployed in areas where that was not possible in the past. As a result, the company can continue to pursue its goal of covering the entire planet with weather sensors. Nikiforakis further noted that the two companies share the same set of values, as well as a common view of the world, which is why he believes that their communities are highly compatible, as well.

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