Helium IoT Connectivity LoRaWAN Roaming Network

Helium Blockchain Network Gets Global Roaming Vote Of Confidence With Expanded Senet Partnership

Helium first began providing IoT Network roaming coverage for Senet in September of last year. That partnership has proven so successful...
Rickey Williams
2 min read
helium network tracks crab pot locations

Helium IoT Network Tracks Crab Pot Absconder 25 miles From Land

Helium’s radio frequency Internet of Things connectivity network keeps finding new use cases. One of the latest and most interesting is...
Rickey Williams
4 min read
Helium Global Network

Power Of Helium Reduces Microsoft Azure IoT Central Overhead Costs

The Helium IoT connectivity network continues to grow with the addition of Microsoft as a partner. Both companies have combined to...
Rickey Williams
2 min read
Helium hotspot hosts love this IoT network project

Abundant IoT Invests 7 Figures In Helium, Offers Hotspot Mining Devices With No Wait Time

Abundant IoT is a world leader in IoT technology solutions, combining Connectivity, Mobility, Energy and Cloud services with Internet of Things...
Rickey Williams
1 min read

Helium Blockchain Incentive Model Inspires Decentralized ERC20 Hivemapper Project Competing with Google Maps, Apple, TomTom

Competing with centralized industry titans Google, Apple and TomTom could be a prohibitively costly proposal. Hivemapper intends to compete in this...
Rickey Williams
3 min read
Helium Network is rising

Helium Corporate Soft Fork Creates Nova Labs To Manage Explosive Growth And Business Flexibility

Two critically positive developments in Helium’s business environment have led the IoT connectivity specialist to create a new corporate identity, called...
Rickey Williams
2 min read
Elon Musk: Image by Iván Jesus Rojas from Pixabay,  Earth View: Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay 

Helium IoT Rival Starlink Just Got Less Competitive

The cost of gasoline at the pump is not the only thing going up these days.  Just ask Elon Musk. The...
Rickey Williams
37 sec read
blockchain opportunities

Helium Blockchain Application Market Growing Exponentially In 2022

Industrial IoT (IIoT) may comprise more than 70% of all IoT connections by 2024, already numbering in the billions , according...
Rickey Williams
6 min read
Helium adoption domino effect

Helium Network Proving Peaceful Domino Theory With Vietnam Deployment

Helium’s “The Peoples’ Network” is proving antithetical, in the best possible way, to the discredited Domino Theory of the 1960’s. The...
Rickey Williams
2 min read