Solana Labs Plans Web3 Android Phone With Built-In Crypto Wallet

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crypto wallet smartphone integration

The current trend in crypto wallets is to integrate them with smartphones. Solana Labs, Polygon, HTC, and Vive Wallet are leading the way in the latest Web3 developments. Following is a news release with more detail from  blockworks .co:

Crypto wallet integrated phones are trending

First, Solana Labs announced its plan to build a Web3 Android mobile phone, Saga, to easily transact with cryptocurrency. Now, Ethereum scaling solution Polygon has partnered with two other phone makers to further Web3 access for mobile users.

HTC is building the HTC Desire 22 phone so that users can connect with its Vive Flow virtual reality glasses and stream content from the phone’s screen to the wearable’s display. Users will be able to manage their tokens and NFTs on Ethereum and Polygon via the Vive Wallet and the Vive Marketplace. The apps will offer “rich metaverse experiences without a VR headset.”

Polygon has teamed up with phone company Nothing to integrate its tech into the Nothing Phone, launching on July 12. The smartphone will not officially be released in North America but will work in the region.

Smartphone users will have access to apps and games on the Polygon platform, as well as its payments features and its proof-based identification solution, Polygon ID. Those who pre-ordered the Nothing Phone became part of an NFT membership club and could receive Nothing’s Black Dot NFTs, which provide early access to certain products, events and benefits.

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